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Session Stories

The Great Depression
Unconscious Pilot | 2004

The Great Depression The Great Depression The Great Depression

The above photos were taking during the recording of The Great Depression's "Unconscious Pilot" at Pachyderm Studio – a proud achievement for me as an engineer and a band member. The recording sessions were far from ordinary in that almost everything was comprised of overdubs, throwing a lot of mud at the sides of barns to see what would stick.

We also had the luxury of almost limitless studio time, while much of the writing was done on the spot. When recording that way, it gives an engineer a multitude of scenarios ripe for experimentation, which is not always the case if under a deadline or a constricting budget. I recorded vocals in the bathroom, mic-ed up PVC pipes, captured a drum set using only Shure SM57s, played pedal steel guitar through Leslie cabinets and CB microphones, and any standard recording technique learned through the years – it was a dream. As a musician, being allowed time for creativity in a top-notch recording studio, it didn't get any better than this.

Though the line-up of the band and the overall sound changed after this album, Cranley and Casper still release recordings as The Great Depression. God speed … 


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