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This Is Pop (Nirvana at Pachyderm)
Mojo | 05/01 | By Keith Cameron

Brent Sigmeth was sure of three things as he turned up at Pachyderm Recording Studio for the first day in his new job. First, he knew that none other than Steve Albini was booked to come in. Second, he knew that Steve Albini was coming to record a band called The Simon Ritchie Bluegrass Ensemble.

Right away this sounded curious. Who the hell were The Simon Ritchie Bluegrass Ensemble? Brent had certainly never heard of them. Although Albini had recorded at Pachyderm before, it was to make albums with established artists of some renown, notably The Wedding Present and P.J. Harvey.

Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana
Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana Mojo + Nirvana

The Bad Plus
iJazz | 08/02/09

After the success of last year ’s release, Prog, described by Billboard as “Easily the most likeable and listenable jazz album of 2007,” the trio, never content to stand still, moved on their next challenge with For All I Care (Universal/Emarcy), their first album with vocals.
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  Brian Setzer's Lucky 13
Mix Magazine | 01/01/07 | By Barbara Schultz

Then he went into Pachyderm Studio, a professional facility that's set in an arts-and-crafts house about half-an-hour from Minneapolis (Setzer's newish hometown) to track Setzer's guitars and electric bass, and Dresel's drums to Pro Tools with the help of operator/staff engineer Brent Sigmeth.
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